Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Could Be Wrong With That?

I don't eat horse meat!
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Kim and Victoria ----- said...

Yeah, my French cousin eats horse meat. Yuck. Why does that seem so much worse than any other animal?

Sam said...

Thank you for sending the email link. I was down in the dumps thinking
about losing an hour of sleep this week due to day light savings time, and then I got your link to the dancing frenchman and it was all great fun.

I don't think I could each Lassie, Bambi, or any other pet-like mammal. I have a small ceremony over the toilet before I flush a dead mouse that my cats caught,and profusely apologize to it's spirit.

Samantha said...

I meant "eat". Please edit previous comment.

Papadelesdeux said...

OK... I confess... I have eaten horse.

So shoot me. It makes for like, THE BEST steak tartare. OMG, like really, the best. Yikes. Sorry Trigger and Mr. Ed and Hi Ho Silver and away.